Transform Your Data Into Actionable Insights

MariSoftGIS was specifically developed and designed to eliminate potential confusion and the complexity of creating a ESRI Geodatabases for final deliverables, which can be easily integrated into end Clients Geodatabases.

Digital video is visualised with Long-Profile, X-Profile and Events. However, GIS allows the incorporation of other GIS data & other survey results

Create (SSDM and PODS) Geodatabases

MariSoftGIS provides the facility to load interpreted seabed survey data (bathymetric surveys, side scan sonar and single beam /multi-beam echosounder, hydrographic, shallow geophysical and geotechnical, geographical entities and attributes, including surface and subsurface geologic hazards) into Seabed Survey Data Model (SSDM) geodatabase in accordance with an international Oil & Gas Operators business needs.

MariSoftGIS provides the facility to quickly convert the pipeline inspection data (i.e., VisualWorks data) to PODS database structure.

  • Imports Survey Data into the GIS environment
  • Import Pipeline Route.
  • Import As-found Pipelines
  • from the VisualWorks cross profile (XP.csv) survey data.
  • from Pisys ASCII format 3.
  • Import Events from text files.
  • from the VisualWorks events (Events.csv) data.
  • from any CSV comma delimited file.
  • Textual survey data e.g. events data, converted to geometric representations with attributes.
  • Create Linear Events such as burial, exposure and free spans based on the Kp of the data.
  • from the VisualWorks events (Events.csv) data.
  • from any CSV comma delimited file.
  • Create M-Aware and Z-Aware Objects

Data Type

  • Survey Track
  • Survey Objects (e.g., Targets, Cores etc)
  • Soundings
  • Pipeline Inspection Events
  • Pipeline Inspection As-Found Position
  • Pipeline Inspection Linear Event