Automatic Generation of High Density 3D Point Cloud

The fully automatic generation of high density point clouds from images similar to laser scan quality. Including surfaces that are almost homogeneous in colour, even the smallest texture differences on the object are sufficient to produce almost noise-free 3D point clouds.

MariSoft developed an application which utilises uses a new algorithm which automatically calculates 3D point cloud using every pixel from a series of images. Up to 1000 images per hour are oriented using our current computer systems. Therefore, negating the Cloud.

The software supports the use of any camera with “Normal”, “Fisheye” and “Macro lenses” delivering high quality PRC results enabling rapid volumetric, area calculations and precise measurements of objects with the 3D.


  • Stereo cameras are supported.
  • Ability to undertake volumetric calculations.
  • No need to mobilise expensive “PRC camera” equipment.
  • Reads and writes almost all currently known image formats.
  • Export point clouds in various formats like .pts, .las, .laz etc.