MariSoft AIS delivers seamless, end-to-end inspection, from planning, creation of work plan, ease of use 3D environment throughout acquisition, processing, review, and final reporting in client specified templates within standardised digital data captured into a cloud-based system, interconnected, and scaled according to your needs.

Our in-depth experience in digitalisation of asset inspection has enable us to offer a tailored software solution with a well proven track record of circa a decade, ever evolving comprising of an integrated suite of modules optimising ease and efficiency to acquire data and autogenerate reports that can be integrated into any Client asset management and integrity system, this enabling data acquired offshore to be accessed and shared in real-time.


  • Optimise inspection survey programmes.
  • Used for inspection of both Offshore and Onshore Assets
  • Secure data uploaded linked to a cloud-based portal.
  • Import existing client procedures and anomaly coding.
  • Auto generate reports in client provide templates.
  • Efficient generation of Work Plan
  • Synchronising data at multiple locations using in-built tools.
  • Acquire video and tag anomalies and integrates data in real-time, without ambiguity.
  • Immediate anomaly alerting, tracking, and auditing
  • Inspection Personnel can easily create video clips and images during acquisition.
  • User-friendly Viewer by Microsoft App enables video to be easily, on demand and shared between multi users simultaneously globally.
  • Aids demonstration of third-party verification
  • Generate time analysis.
  • Interfaces with third-party integrity software

Central Database

  • Central database to collate and store the data together, Easy backup and restore.
  • Save the project once, open it anywhere globally.

Fully Customizable to Fit Your Assets

  • Easily create components with different properties based on the type of asset.

Operational Cost-savings

  • One-time fee for generation of 3D Model of Asset.
  • Automatic Generation of Deliverables.
  • MariSoft Platform streamlines the inspection data-gathering process. On-site operations and planning coupled with real-time data entry and validation enables work to be completed quickly while maintaining the high quality of data.

Client Qualitative Risk Analysis Tools

  • The software provides a qualitative risk analysis tool to assess the impact and likelihood of identified anomalies on the inspected platforms / subsea structures. The tool is part of the process that prioritizes anomalies for further actions and analysis.

Operation and Performance Analysis

  • Automatically reporting the completion percentage of inspection tasks. – i.e., CP work plan, FMD work plan, MPI work plan, GVI/CVI work plan, marine growth cleaning / UT work plan, work plan for presumed debris, damage, defects (anomalies) etc…

Use Existing Client Codes

  • Components have unique ID codes, in accordance with client existing numbering system.

Historical Data

  • Allows for year-on-year comparison of inspection data for remedial action decisions and referrals.

Inspection Execution

  • View the history of the component during inspection to help assess rates of deterioration of observed anomalies.
  • Track actual task durations.
  • Get accurate estimates of project duration in real-time.
  • Directly observe the impact of your modifications to project duration.