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Platform & Subsea Structures

MariSoftPlatform is integrity management application. It provides a range of comprehensive tools and overall framework to effectively execute and setup the inspection work plan with required number of passes on each face to ensure 100% subsea structure coverage and minimize unnecessary inspection repetition and optimize the ROV movement and transit times around the subsea assets and products.

Central Database
  • Central relational database to keep all the data together, Easy backup and restore.
  • Save the project once, open it anywhere globally
Fully Customizable to Fit Your Assets
  • Easily create components with different properties based on the type of asset.
Operational Cost-savings
  • MariSoft Platform streamlines the inspection data-gathering process. On-site operations and planning coupled with real-time data entry and validation enables work to be completed quickly while maintaining the high quality of data.

Client Side Qualitative Risk Analysis Tools

  • The software provides a qualitative risk analysis tool to assess the impact and likelihood of identified anomalies on the inspected platforms / subsea structures. The tool is part of the process that prioritizes anomalies for further actions and analysis.
Operation and Performance Analysis
  • Automatically reporting the completion percentage of inspection tasks. – i.e. CP work plan, FMD work plan, MPI work plan, GVI/CVI work plan, marine growth cleaning / UT work plan, work plan for presumed debris, damage, defects (anomalies) etc…
Use Existing Client Codes
  • Components have unique ID codes, in accordance with client existing numbering system.
Historical Data
  • Allows for year on year comparison of inspection data for remedial action decisions and referrals.
Project Execution
  • View the history of the component during inspection to help assess rates of deterioration of observed anomalies.
  • Track actual task durations.
  • Get accurate estimates of project duration in real-time.
  • Directly observe the impact of your modifications to project duration.

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