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MariSoftDV is a robust and powerful Digital Video Recorder,

specifically designed for the Pipeline/Cable video inspection,

MariSoftDV can be configured to suit each customer’s requirement

for video format, number of channels and overlay configuration.



  •    1, 2 or 4 channels available (Supports Standard and High Definition)
  •    Ability to Combine & Record two cameras in one video file
  •    Record to any media, USB Storage, Network Attached Storage (NAS), RDX…etc
  •    WMV, MPEG recording
  •    Support WMV profile configuration (IMCA requirements for subsea video inspection)
  •    Scalable video quality
  •    Grab images/clips “on-the-fly”
  •    Compression of the audio and video streams, “on-the-fly” or after recording, using standard audio/video codecs like MPEG, DivX or third party
  •    Re-Encoding of video to change the overlay, or remove audio stream, or to compress it
  •    Supports video cards with several inputs, or in master/slave modes
  •    Support for most IP cameras in MJPEG, JPG and ASF mode (Supports username/password authentication on IP cameras with secured login)
  •    Screen Recording (Full screen recording or one monitor when using several monitors)
  •    Text overlay, Image overlay, with resizing, alpha blending (Ability to record the overlay in separate text file)
  •    Enable/Disable overlay
  •    Advanced playback features
  •    Historical Events View
  •    Stream live video over network
  •    User definable file time limits
  •    Automated or user-managed video file copying
  •    Automatically create FUGRO (dvtable5) for recorded video files
  •    Integrated with FUGRO events
  •    Able to integrate with 3rd party products

Client Viewer

It is a video and data viewer that clients can use to review survey results. The image below shows a sample workspace layout. As withMariSoftDV the layout can be configured as required, with up to four video windows, and with both text and graphical displays of survey data.

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